The Idea:

Twins Joe and Ben have always been keen enthusiasts of ice cream.

Looking to open up shop, they wanted to find something that would differentiate themselves from the crowd of other ice cream parlours. So they asked themselves a question:

"How can we make ice cream better?"


After considerable searching, the brothers arrived at an answer,


Liquid Nitrogen.

-196 degrees



The Boys Behind Brozen

Joe and Ben are twin brothers who grew up on the Lizard peninsula in the depths of Cornwall (about as far south as you can get without leaving the mainland!). They are the youngest of six boys and spent their youths outside in the woods or at the beach, surfing, swimming, fishing and doing whatever else they could come up with.



ice cream fanatic

Joe is a recent engineering graduate from the University of Bath. His background positions him perfectly in helping to establish the most effective method for making ice cream taste that little bit better! Ever the perfectionist, he's in it for the long game.

Joe's love of ice cream became clear to the family at the age of 4 after being caught gorging himself on the delicious substance directly from a large tub on his parents’ bed. In his haste, he had even forgotten a spoon, making use of the next best thing - his hands. Since that day of indulgence, he has had a near perfect relationship with ice cream. It soon became obvious to everyone that this was the life he was destined to lead - a scoop in one hand and a cone in the other!

When he is not daydreaming of ice cream, Joe likes to spend his day rowing on the river, an activity he took up at university. Joe will happily discuss either of these topics at length with anyone who asks!



ice cream lover

Ben enjoys spending time in the garden and experimenting with new flavours! When younger, he roped Joe into helping him dig out an old fig tree that was slowly being overgrown, now every year it produces the juiciest figs, perfect for ice cream and eating! Ben brings all of his homegrown knowledge into the world of ice cream, helping source our ingredients from the best local and organic suppliers around. 

When Ben isn't looking for the next ingredient for our new ice creams, he likes going for runs and exploring new places, there's a good chance you'll see him out on the downs on a morning run!